Directorate 153: Entangled Communications

Welcome to another Lock-limit and crash risk day.  No surprise to subscribers, though. Our death-toll outlook now surpasses WW-II by mid-July at current rates.

We need a break.  So, in today’s report we try to look past the virus spread, toward some new technology that holds amazing implications.

Because sometimes in a crisis, it’s useful to know “where the magic is” and to realize that the future is a LOT closer than we think.  Pieces of it have been deployed for years

In the process, you will learn the answers to several questions.  Like:  Why would we not be “me-too’ing” on more virus impacts?  What does the reference to entangled mean?  And how is all this tied together in such  a manner as to have Mr. Ure’s desk about to be adorned with a particular 6.7 pound “dark crystal?”

All things are connected in the Universe – even if it’s by Einstein’s spooky action at a distance – which in quantum physics is the magic

But first, yes, we’ll update the virus stats and yes, we have charts. Lock-limit nosebleeds,  and all.

But the focus today is on what happens after the Globally Transformative Disease (GTD) concept.  As we “reach out and touch” a future at the signpost  up ahead.

You see, most people forget there are two outcomes when you get to the Twilight Zone. (And yes, we’re  there, alright!) Sure, it could be “night” just ahead.

But just for this morning let’s focus on the other – less often cited – choice.


Click ahead.  You’re about to catch a glimmer.

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