Director 153’s “Incoming Executive” Briefing

January 12, 2013 — Reality is funny stuff.  It’s how a person  chooses from a wide assortment of sensory inputs, to assemble a rational  framework to deal with their surroundings.  As in the case of gun (or civil)  rights, much of what is held as core belief set may, upon inspection, be found  to have its roots in parental upbringing and message frequency in media…all of  which is played as a fine harp by those expert in persuasion block principles.   So in order to construct a little different ‘reality’ this morning, I thought it  would be instructive to revisit our fictional Directorate 153 Project, which like the (allegedly fictional) Report From Iron Mountain we can use to sort out conflicting viewpoints on things like Newtown and guns  (among other points) and thus get a little closer to the heart of what’s going  on in America, and indeed the world, today.  But first – as ever – some  headlines to speedy the workings upstairs and dust off the mental cobwebs which  seem to accumulate from Friday nights…

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