Digital Gardening: Liberation or Insurrection?

Events this week again underscore America’s increasing ability to “talk-past” one another. Outrage in Minneapolis is justified. But rioting in other cities?  And further, is burning out a police precinct building even if the mayor seemed to clear the way for it?

Helpful Hint:  Digital Gardeners send their vegetables to riot.

In play is the much larger picture lightly sketched is a problem we have been tracking since 2002 when Peoplenomics first raised some of the troubling issues – still unresolved – of the “digital life” transition we seem intent on achieving.  Information farmers own the high ground.

Basically, absent a high level of personal discipline, high-minded goals, and a resolute attitude that the worst of the physical world shouldn’t come with us into digital realms, the Digital World has become just as screwed-up as the nominal physical world before it.

How to fix?  How to even conceptualize it…some guideposts after the usual headlines and charts.

Oh, and Podcast #22 is here.  This week, my consigliere talks about his war model that has – since 1979 – been forecasting war with China in the 2022-2024 time frame.  And that fits in all-too neatly with the Trump decision on China over Hong Kong announced Friday.

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