Depression Like No Other

Reader Note:  We will be moving to a new server farm today.  So from noon (CDT) today until I’m done (take it any way you will) the Peoplenomics website may have a few unreachable moments… We’re not leaving.  Just rearranging the digital furniture.

Report now? A twisted tale of future studies, dream worlds, and computers that run intelligence is our topic.  Following the Friday market sell-off, next week could be interesting.

How about I tell you our topic ends up in some serious woo-woo?  Like the kind of stuff that jerks you out of bed at 1 AM to start trying to capture what just happened in a dream?

Well, that’s exactly part of what happened.  Let’s do the usual’s and then we’ll get into the really strange world of future.  After the ChartPack.  But first, we need to talk about Aging and NBCRET…

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