Date Math: How Long to War and Other Problems

imageBecause our projections of the market being in a blow-off top formation lead-in are working out very closely, this morning we extend things out many years to get a better idea of how the future could present itself.

Granted, this is highly speculative in nature, but then again, so was our recent call for a Dow to zoom up to as high as 25,000 – or more – between now and the period after the 2016 election.

The problem is getting the right data into the model and then doing a bunch of date math to figure out when particular economic landmarks should be passed.

That, along with our market analysis and more, will make this morning’s cuppa bean particularly satisfying. 

Even if our view of the future isn’t precisely right, it’s better to have a 20-80 view of things than be running completely blind when comes to future events.

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