“Crashlection” Week Outlook

When there is a “known” event of major magnitude on the way, markets often hint in advance what to expect.  This is most often done with price changes.  Markets running up ahead of an event are called “Buy the rumor” and the decline following is often labeled the “Sell the news” aspect.

With (at best) incompetents in both political camps, we would not be surprised to see one of the largest stock market moves ever, when the vote counting – and the demonstrations fire up – along about Wednesday this week.

In the meanwhile, Biden’s War in Ukraine has not been an issue as the democrat party runs on issues – like Trump and abortion – that aren’t on the ballot.

Notwithstanding, if you’re really delusional, the week ahead promises to be a real peach.

In the meantime, let me fill you in on how a major “come to Jesus moment” is arriving for the stock market as Gold has started a possible take-off run that could see its prices triple to quadruple from recent levels.

As we explain an underlying relationship few bother to think about.

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