Crash and Depression Weather

Economics is much like meteorology, we reckon. Today’s report is as much for me (personally) as it is for subscribers as we line up the “match points” between the Great Depression and what’s evolving.

Rather interesting exercise to try next time you can’t sleep and it’s 2 AM.  Really ought to try it.  Many have observed that when the Earth faces away from the Sun, there’s a certain kind of “mental quiet” that occurs.  Perhaps as radio bands change, the F2 layer lowers, and summer noise abates if only for a few hours…

What really matters now is that our long-term view – hence outcome – is gaining, not losing in strength.

Which should scare the hell out of the FedGov.  Which is all too busy missing historical contexts while selling 2022 hysteria against a former president.

With so much that might be done, we live in Ostricheville.

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