Crap Metrics of 2022

Event Arrows have been loosed that will shape the balance of 2022 and form our entry into 2023.  We need to look closely at some of these. The Fourth of July has always been a good time to kick back, assess the year to date, and see where the “arrow of events” is pointing for the balance of the year. The bad news?  Not too much is going as hoped. 2022 has turned into an historical turd, if you’ll forgive my directness.

Still, all work and no play is no good, either.  With goodies on the men u like BBQ, maybe playing in water (if you can find it), and enjoying some well-deserved time off – that’s what makes for a good holiday.

This morning’s report will therefore be “not quite PowerPoint bullets.  But we won’t mince words, either.

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