CPI – Plus we Finish the Book!

Packing to Die: Suitcase between Your Ears should be on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  This morning the final chapters for subscribers.  Plus we’ll have those “hot off the boat” CPI numbers.

On a more worrying front, one of our lawyerly readers has dug out documentation on how CDC has actual contingency  plans to set up camps for the sick and remove people from their homes.

Wait!  Conspiracy theory?  Nope.  CDC planning options document (with link) which envisions an outcome where to “protect people”  On “humanitarian” ground.  Problem? The Constitution (if this comes to America” is trash-canned and a medical dictatorship takes effective control.  Say goodbye to property?

“A summary of the shielding approach described by Favas is shown in Table 1. See Guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 infections among high-risk individuals in low-resource, displaced and camp and camp-like settings 1,2 for full details.”

“Shielding” is the ideal, paternalistic term making this extensible from third world settings.  Just needs the “right variant” being pumped.

What could be worse than personalities like Newsom, Cuomo, Pelosi, and Fauci deciding to “go for a National Health Emergency” –  far past lockdowns and into death-spreading “camps,” instead?

We’re not saying this will happen, but the Covid  contingency planning docs will send shivers.  This isn’t fun reading.

Initially done under the guise of helping people in “humanitarian camps” we wonder what lying jingoists came up with “humanitarian” and “camp” as linguistically compatible terms?  What’s worse is that this is terrible extensible.  Yeah – to “first world” countries.

All that’s missing is the “right variant” to be loosed on the world.

So warm-up your intermodal crane and let’s unload this puppy…plus the market charts which this fall may need a good scapegoat, after all…

[May load sluggishly – today’s posting is about 11-thousand words worth.  More like a treatise than a report, lol…]

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