Covid-19: Social Problem-Solver?

One of our readers requested we turn a carefully tuned eye toward some of the longer-term outcomes of CV-19.  Among the question is “What is it doing to the divorce rate?”

We can already see a wide swath of “social destruction” because of the virus.  Yet, in the longer term, is it possible that “What doesn’t kill us might make us stronger?

Indeed a perplexing – and hardly Christmas-like – topic.  But in order to develop a clear-headed model of what’s ahead for next year, we need to begin on some of the really “big picture” items and see where they lead us.

It’s a big shopping cart, too.  So we’ll hop to it as soon as a few of the morning’s big data points (ADP report is just out, for example) and then we will look at the charts to divine what’s ahead.

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