Confessions of a Market Agnostic

Yes.  It’s true.  I play both long (going up) positions and short (going down) plays. Remarkably, I make money either way things run.

It’s kinda like being a banker:  If things go well, they make money on interest.  If things go badly, they repossess assets and sell them off – oftentimes billing for any shortfalls, so they always make money.

The way we play the markets around here is similarly “direction independent.”  Which is why our news analysis is often spot-on:  We don’t have any interest in making a “logical case” one way, or the other.

Life is what it is.

Besides a relaxing summer weekend of considering this “heads you lose, tails I win” kind of approach, we’ll sort through the usual few headlines.  But the ChartPack, will be an eye-opener for many.  We play volatility and not direction.  Partisanship has been on the skids for a long time.

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