Complexity Impodes

Here’s a dirty secret about the Big Bang:  It doesn’t go on for ever…and eventually it reverses.  Same for stock bubbles.  The question that damns us all is “When???”

And therein lies today’s modest projections of coming attractions due to COVID.  Reversal, sadly, is a good distance ahead.

For millions of years, life developed on This Old Rock and didn’t need unsustainable power plants, the Babel-2 of social media, and a leech-class to “motivate” other people to work – enabling the leaches to steal their unearned pieces.  No, we got along without that, just fine.  About time to reinvent in that direction, methinks.

As the markets continued to unwind this week, we began to make lists of entire industries and sectors that may  never recover.  As hypercomplexity fails, it could dramatically change how modern life is lived, until the Internet itself – not just the users – peter out.

First though, a stack of pancakes in our ChartPack and the “rack ’em up like cord-wood” in the virus data.   

Earphones ready?  Podcast #13 is online here.

Binoculars out? We begin “seeing past disaster” and bracing for the Great American Rethink ahead…

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