Collapse Americana

With the stock market in the biggest losing streak in decades, we are beginning to see what may be the outlines of systemic collapse filling-in around the edges.  There’s a bunch of trouble out there and a short survey of problems immediately ahead seems appropriate grist for today’s review.

In order to brace yourself for coming months, a reread of the UrbanSurvival column from mid April will be a good appetizer: UrbanSurvival Collapse of Complexity: Engineering Food Collapse?

Not to be a nag, but driven by petroleum issues rising, the Biden administration has not only managed to step on a trip wire, they’ve maneuvered the whole country into jumping up and down on the “energy IED” with sanctions.

Toss in Italy’s seizure of Vlad Putin’s Yacht and, well, let’s just note that while Russia figures out logistics for more pressure on Ukraine, the fine line between “scorched earth” and “glassed earth” is shrinking.

In addition, Mr. Mirth N..  Merriment is here to even further add to festivities with a ChartPack that looks like 1929 redux.

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