CJ’s Boolean & Investing in the Ganzfeld

This weekend, reader CJ in Connecticut (who sadly missed out meet-up back there  in June) has a very well thought-out question about how economics works…so we  will dig into that.  Then we’ll ponder how comparative risk between assets  classes may be starting to come loose from its moorings…and the ice cream  Saturday…er…sundae will be considering how to invest in the Ganzfeld.   Before going there, however, a twinge of Gestalt from our usual quick survey of  this morning’s headlines.  You’ll want to pay close attention this morning  because we’re going to use the news to do some ad hoc “Event scoring” as a way  to intuit the future and make better investment decisions…as we arrive at  another system of handicapping the future on our way to the $2-dollar options  window…

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