China Lights it Up?

Nature abhors a vacuum – and the Biden mess in Afghanistan is creating a huge one.  With the Chinese having said – almost forever – that reunification with Taiwan will happen – the pending debacle still in the early stages of unfolding in the Middle East may offer China an unprecedented window of opportunity.

Will they take their time and await next year?  Or, will this fall (and we’ll give you a date to circle) be simply too much for them to pass up?

A chance for a two-fer?  Get  for China and hobble the U.S. for years to come?  We shall see what we shall Xi, we figure.

Meantime, the market seems to prepare for a fall rollover as new data still holds the line, but looking at new Fed numbers, trouble lurks.

A few headlines to warm up the brain cells and then into the thick of it.

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