CCEO Training

Let’s start with Collapse-Capable Electronics Operator training and why it’s a different cut of cloth than a ham radio operator.  Nothing against hams – finest people in the world. And I’m an Extra Class (AC7X) who’s been “Banging brass” for 60-some years, now.

Everyone can benefit from a ham license – no Morse code required – that went away years ago.

But collapse?  ARES and other ham radio groups do phenomenal work when disasters strike.  But our focus this morning isn’t about those month-long drives of heroic public service.

It goes to how we reconstitute a low baud rate world when the Internet is taken down or attacked.  When EMP happens and all those ugly possibilities.

That, I’m thinking, is a different kettle of fish.  So this morning the  outline and  a few chapters of yet-another Peoplenomics prepping guide.

After the charts and that just breaking (good news) inflation report.

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