Caution Flag Showing for Market Bears

Wow – some rally Friday, huh? Gobs of jobs. But real?  That’s what we tackle in our ChartPack today because antics of the swamp aside, there is nothing more important than hanging on to the money you have so you can get things of value.

Which – rather remarkably – used to be a simple thing to figure.  You remember the fairytale, right?  Work hard, nose to the grindstone, save money, and all that.

Yet, in the modern world, as my friend the Ecuador ExPat reminds, “Money in banks is no longer yours.  It’s now considered a loan to the bank so in case of bankruptcy, you need to get in line with other creditors.

I correct him, noting that FDIC hasn’t failed us yet.  But his point then rolls to “When?”

Makes the brain hurt just thinking about it.  Still, after a few headlines, bring the Excedrin for this morning’s ChartPack.  For it’s either the Crack-Up Boom or a mega running of the shorts.

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