Woo-Woo and Win Streaks

Ever wonder why miracles and woo-woo don’t happen more often? And what this might have to do with how we make a buck in stocks and other investments?

OK, so it’s a longish ramble and lots of stats discussed conceptually.  But all triggered by a case of materializing silverware in our household. Woo-woo stuff.

Much less ethereal is our discussion of the inflation numbers with CPI being released a few minutes ago.

And then there’s that whole “wars thing” which ebbs and flows like the tornadoes in the South we’re just drying out from.

Double up on the buzz juice…hump day is here and we’re trying to ride it.

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Hysterical Times Cheat Sheet

It’s nothing new – an update on our long-standing “Threat Board.” But it’s a good morning for a super-quick “keep it together” walk-through.  Especially because there is an unreal amount of eclipse talk (hype) underway.

For us, though, a more measured view of life helps with the blood pressure, attitude, and keeps the trigger finger safely off the you-know-what.

We instead offer our usual advice:  Plan a plan and stick to it. Because a good plan will pull you through a lot of dicey situations. Which is our starting point today.

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TSP: Task-Switching Perspectives

In an earlier Peoplenomics report (December, 27,2023) we went into some depth on a concept called QFPD: “Quest for Perfect Days”.  This, when coupled with some ideas covered both in old “ShopTalk Sunday” reports  like this one, led to some new insights into a “battle below the perception threshold” that’s waged every day, all around us.

Interestingly, there are not too many people who dare venture into these “real” aspects of self-management…with a few bright shining stars like Jordan Peterson and Cal Newport as delightful exceptions to “me-too’ism.”

Today we pick up where that December column left off – and get into task switching.

But not before a few headlines, Taiwan quake and such that we have word on this morning plus ADP job report just out; coming on the heels of the Tuesday Labor JOLTS report.

Then we can focus on playing better in the game of life.

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