Short for “Operations Tempo” it’s the kind of thing military commanders coordinate.  One flank moves at a certain speed while another moves at something else.  Between, an enemy is “herded” into a disadvantageous position.

In markets, there is an OPTEMPO, as well. Sometimes sector moves are fast, or at other times, painfully slow.

This morning in addition to retail sales numbers just out, and another 35-more pages of my Collapse-Capable Electronics Operator book, we will look at recent structural moves that may drive back fall events.  But make thing worse long-term since it will all seemingly “hit the fan” about the same time.

Details and the ChartPack are both scary and interesting.

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Bad News – and Worse

Two stories headline our Saturday morning thinking:  Our previously “unthinkably bad Elliott Count has been validated.  And some comments from a retired senior Air Force contributor shine an embarrassing Light of Truth on crooked political assassination efforts.

Either one is bad.  Combined, they can be taken as a sure sign of more troubles and stress are just ahead.

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CCEO Training

Let’s start with Collapse-Capable Electronics Operator training and why it’s a different cut of cloth than a ham radio operator.  Nothing against hams – finest people in the world. And I’m an Extra Class (AC7X) who’s been “Banging brass” for 60-some years, now.

Everyone can benefit from a ham license – no Morse code required – that went away years ago.

But collapse?  ARES and other ham radio groups do phenomenal work when disasters strike.  But our focus this morning isn’t about those month-long drives of heroic public service.

It goes to how we reconstitute a low baud rate world when the Internet is taken down or attacked.  When EMP happens and all those ugly possibilities.

That, I’m thinking, is a different kettle of fish.  So this morning the  outline and  a few chapters of yet-another Peoplenomics prepping guide.

After the charts and that just breaking (good news) inflation report.

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The Wave Count We Hope is Wrong

There is a chance now, that within a year, stock prices will have fallen to half of present levels – and maybe lower.  The pieces are just now sliding into place.  But, when you consider some of the data – and the flow of world events – it has become an undeniable possibility.

This isn’t to suggest you run out and dump stocks. For me, though, it was one of those realizations that matters.  A kind of “eyes wide shut” as we look at growing odds of TEOTWAWKI within a couple of years – or less.

A starting point is a note from a well-informed source.  Another reason for hair to stand on end.

Along with the ChartPack – which is where the really bad news of the week has sprung from.

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