Care Wreck: The Future On Rails

We focus on two major economic exercises (in futility) around here.  One is making money in the stock market with our rather unorthodox approach.  The other is a bit of futuring based on understanding the consequences of contemporary economic data.

This morning we are pleased to report some major harmony is evolving between these two approaches.  And, as I’ll show you this morning, when things line up this well, we can evolve a pretty good vision of the future based on economic expectations.

While we will have to await secular developments to fill in the necessary voids, the future is, using this approach, already on rails for 2017.  End of the world? 

This is really a kind of “part 1” because this weekend we might make some future projections based on behaviors of “fifth waves.”  For this morning, let’s just “ride the rails” a bit.

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