Can Economics “Simply Fail?”

April 6, 2013 — Unlike tomatoes, which do well in plenty of sunlight, there are some  aspects of economics that do better in the dark.  Dark in in ‘things the little  people don’t know’ because – if they did – there would be pitchforks at the  ready and villagers at the gate.  This morning, a short summary of several areas  where the whole field of economics is getting right up to the ragged edge:  Everything from the Nth customer problem to the crashing of the labor  participation rate, to a 260 gB data dump that outs the names, places, and  amounts of keep trusts (of high net worth individuals) and corporations who are  rather expert at tax dodging.  This is especially troublesome because we’re just  nine days from the ‘little people’s’ tax deadline.  So have the blood pressure  meds at the ready, and turn  up this Youtube tune to set the mood…it’s where economics is.

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