Calm Before The…

SitRep and the Charts today since the week was consumed with “book work.” My latest book should be out Monday or Tuesday on Amazon.  Both as a $4.99 Kindle ebook and as a paperback, as well.

This brings another Peoplenomics book into focus.  I have continued to collect data for additions to “The 100-Year Toaster:  The Global Addiction to Obsolescence.”  Decided to write one more chapter there.  One dealing with the “100-Year Body.”  Which in turn rolls into the Perpetual Economy.

In case you missed it, the world is stuck with a formerly free enterprise system that works extremely well during growth (economic expansion).  But which tends to blow-up immediately upon economic contraction.  Which is just ahead.

Which frames this morning’s comments:  Serial policy failures are just getting warmed-up.

You’ll see it in the headlines and in this morning’s ChartPack.  Times like the end of the TSR (Typical Summer Rally) have, on occasion, presaged less happy times ahead.

When the wheels come off…

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