Bye-Bye Free Press: Algorithmic News

May 4, 2013 — The myth of the “free press” and so-called Fourth Estate is  quickly leaving; disappearing into a cloud of software.  In its place is a new  way of generating “the news” which Americans depend on for their  decision-making.  I hate to report this development, but real humans with  first-hand knowledge of events they’re reporting on are quickly becoming  historical relics.  In their place is a new class of news-writing software.   Press release in one end, public opinion out the other.  But before we detail  such a depressing (and distinctly anti-human) developments (and how it impacts  events those of us in the fledgling field of predictive linguistics) what we  have for an appetizer this morning is scenic tour through this morning’s sorties  and funfire, generated by humans aided increasingly by HAL 9000’s offspring.

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