Bye-Bye Border: Mexification of Estados Unidos:

Seems to me that Washington has declared war on America.  I don’t say this lightly:  As a life-long patriot and believer in a strong, secure, well-defended United States of America I am shocked and appalled by the mind-game being perpetrated on the American public by political leadership that is actively subverting the whole premise of international borders; namely to keep it clear which country is which.  It’s been in the works as Border XXI and it’s being unilaterally implemented by (care to guess who?) right now..

But that discussion is quickly becoming irrelevant because the American people are being mass-media hoodwinked into a very grim “deal with the devil” that will end up bankrupting America at either the economic or moral level, and more (more likely) both.  But before we delve into what the numbers say (and this will be another fact-based discussion, not idle speculation), we’ll have decaf this morning since your blood pressure’s bound to rise when you look at the data.

The longwave economic implications?  Socialism flourishes in this economic season and since we already have our modern analog to the Civilian Conservation Corp in place ( ) why not more government spending to artificially create jobs?  Worked in the last Depression, so why not this one?

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