"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 2

We can’t stare at markets all damn day, every day. So, things like  thinking through how to build a working “time machine” provide a useful distraction.  A “wait” machine for the brain?  LOL.

Dual purpose, too:  Keeps the brain working which, in turn, makes what’s ahead for markets “come in more clearly..:

Some people, like me I confess, derive a Zen-like feeling from attacking the intractable and perhaps even impossible.  Very much the techno-spin on a Zen Koan.

Today, part 2 of time machines – after we size-up the week’s financial carnage, a continuation of the longish discussion from Wednesday, for which I apologize:  That one tipped the bifocals at somewhere north of 7,800 words, or about 1-10th of a novel.  I promise a dash of brevity today.  5,690 words isn’t too brief, however.

Ready for the headlines and the ChartPack, then?  Seat backs and tray tables in their up and locked positions? Click on in then…

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