"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 1

We pick up where my book Dimensions Next Door left off.  Sure, it sounds like raving of a nut-case, no question about it. But since subscribers get to put themselves on my “science advisors board” maybe not completely irrational, after all.

Over time, we have a modest body of evidence that suggests manipulation of space-time not only could be real, but there may be enough “clues” as to make some experiments worthwhile. All that’s missing it to find “the key anomaly.”

Today we begin exploring the non-mathematical, anecdotal reports and literature in the field, From that, we figure to work up some proposed “new phenomenon ideas.” From there, logically, we’d design first instruments and then some test beds.  Adventuring we go…

I’m sharing this with Peoplenomics readers because in many ways the finding of the “keys to the market” involves similar methods. I began by reviewing the literature, coming up with a few testable ideas, and then employ a few winners.  Fair to say it hasn’t been totally unrewarding.

More important personally, as a writer/researcher (and every once in a while day trader) I that Peoplenomics readers are a group of generally well-above average income and IQ people.  It’s be a waste not to invite such people to contribute some thinking and offer criticisms.

All the fun stuff aside, we update our Replaying 1929 series of research charts.  Then (and you may not like this) explain the three-reasons to crash that could show up as early as next week. 

Today, a deeper discussion of that “damn self-similarity of economic declines” problem in a bit more depth.

Wheels up after coffee and the charts…where I’ll show you how we compare with the 1929 track.

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