Broken Country Fix-It Plans

Why. our headline today almost sounds like one of our ShopTalk Sunday reports, doesn’t it?  Except the task at hand is much larger:  How do we still “save America” and continue the rational assent of the Western World?

The task is mighty daunting:  We’re going into a risky war-kindling weekend in the Winds of War section.  Then, our charts look like crap – Markets are on the verge of bust.  But even before such nitty-gritty, we have to cope with ADP Employment numbers just out.

Which will be followed tomorrow with the Challenger Job Cuts report and Friday’s forced optimism in the Employment Situation report.  Remember, what matters on this one is the 2019 levels of employment.

Because we do not expect the total number of people working to exceed the high-water marks set in late 2019 and February of 2020 – ahead of lock-down disease.

As usual, we hope it will be a mind-expanding romp.  As we broach how to pop the enabler of economic collapse spawned by runaway government: The D.C. Bubble.

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