BRI & Soft World War

Understanding China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is key to understanding the shifting sands of planetary economic warfare.  Although it gets little mention in the American Mainstream, it will likely join other monumental forces at work shaping our future; such as anti-gravity, artificial intelligence, and resource depletion as the Grand Strategies.  Together, these “new forces” will likely have a huge impact on humankind’s prospects for survival.

Because while there’s a good bit of press about China going to the moon (as a first colonizer), they’re are going a great number of other places as well.  That’s the point of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

America, meantime, is hopelessly distracted by minutia that has little long-term impact.  One example?  The headline-grabbing Mueller dissent letter to Barr being waved-around today.

This “larger context” is on the “thinking list today after headlines and our view of markets in the ChartPack section….

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