Bracing for the Bond Collapse: Death by Student Loan Co-Signing

March 20, 2013 — Two important concepts to  learn from this morning’s Peoplenomics report.  First and foremost we will talk  about timing one’s exit from the bond market.  This is a short lesson in  “Getting while the getting’s good.”  A causative subset of global economic  collapse, the bond market is now fraught with risk.  In this regard, we’ll  discuss how more and more parents are finding student loan collectors hot on  their [parent] tails for cosigning on either Johnny or Suzi Sucker’s six-figure  student loan bill.  Gosh, doesn’t this sound like cheerful and uplifting  reading?  This kind of stuff that just makes you want to jump up and celebrate  the day, doesn’t it?  No?  Well, how about as a warm up, then, we go sample  global death, doom, destruction – starting with Cyprus – the latest country  falling victim to a bankster gang-bang…the gang being the EU.

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