Bounces and Dependencies

We continue to evolve a “soft science” of waveform similarities. But getting this part of the present market decline has been enjoyable so far.

One of my great joys in Life is being able to pay lots of income tax.  Not because Elaine can’t spend better than Congress. But because it means we are making enough that it’s all good.

Our topic selection this morning deals with “where next” and in this regard, the answer is “down, silly!”  The issue is not which train station, but which set of tracks to get there.

See, in our work on Futuring, one of the joys of a deep realization of the Many Worlds Interpretation MWI of quantum mechanics is that yes, the Future is constantly dividing and branching.  But, what most don’t realize is that there is a similar (if not equal) rejoining of branches.

Thus, one of the mechanisms of successful long-term predictors (like G.A. Stewart‘s work on Nostradamus quatrains) is that both the divergences/splits are comprehended, but so are the rejoins.

It’s in seeing this (at a deep, emotional level) that gives us an appreciation for the cyclicity behind history.  That is, Everything Under the Sun has been attempted (more or less).  Just not launched from present moment.

This means when you next experience a Mandela Effect moment, stop and ask yourself “Is this a break to a new timeline, or is it a rejoin of a previous line – one where Nelson Mandela did NOT die in jail. And where Jiffy peanut butter was not Jif.”

Sticky problems, these.  And that’s even before we get to the ChartPack!

So bean up, pahdnah and let’s ride. The ADP numbers have just crossed!

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