Bonus Report: First Book on Sales eBook

Over the past 15-years, a number of small business owners have asked me to share the approach that made the second half of my life a simple cruise between $100K+ jobs.

Well, there is a PROCESS and this PROCESS CAN BE LEARNED so I decided to write it down for my consulting clients years ago.

It turned out to be much more efficient that having to do site visits and such – “Read this, do what it says, and send me the reports.

If a client said “We can’t do that” then I would patiently explain “then you can’t be successful to the degree you should be – so you’re fired.”   Yes, I fired clients.

Now it’s an e-book and it’s worth your time to read even though short and to the point.  Santa doesn’t want you to be poor.  Santa wants you to open your eyes and stack some cash.

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