“Bomb List” Buying

We won’t even pretend to explain this to non-subscribers in a paragraph. But we will hint that when mushrooms appear, anything less than a ELE will be a final prepping opportunity.  And we are getting ready for the Final Clicks to fulfill that.

A lot of this has been covered elsewhere, such as in our Building Your Own Home Intelligence Platform, and such.  Plus, if you have the power, modernity is only a passing fad between famines.

So, a couple of happy-pills and you should be ready for some serious “thinking the unthinkable” today as we venture into a dandy question raised by WTHS and WmoRR this week in Monday comments.

Will “The End” be worth attending? It will likely depend on how your preps are now, what you’ve got ready for Final Clicks, and matters like those 2nd A. support tools…

But we need to begin with the bursting of the Global Confidence Bubble.  We pick up, in a sense, from where we left it with the Leading Edge of Tainter – that we covered last week.

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