Blended Reality

We have word today that the present general human model of death and the Afterlife may be seriously antiquated.  It’s a notion that had never struck me until one of my rare, but highly educational “Lucid Dreams” overnight.

Without telling all, let’s just say that the present model of “What happens when people die” lacks a key “missing ingredient.


See, tech isn’t only the specifics of how code, metallurgy, or electronics work.  Tech is an all-pervasive mindset.  A Way of Being that most people aren’t even aware they’ve been imprinted with.

Yet when you watch people recount their Near Death Experiences on YouTube, for example, you’ll never hear anything related to the “technology over There.”

Instead, you might hear about a hall of Akashic Records.  Most will fail to grasp or notice the obvious: Why “books?”  And “What language were these in?” Or more on track with the carryout from the overnight Lucid adventure “You still on books? What about streaming and….

Almost as interesting is the story of “The Project” in that Realm… but first a few headlines and, oh yeah, we didn’t go short over the weekend.

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