Bigger than the Trade War

What could be bigger, right? You may not like the answer.

BecauseTrump walks the footsteps of Herbert Hoover, or so the world markets now worry.  Rates are again falling.  There’s a sense that history is on the precipice… right on the brink. And so we are.

Toss-in the problems of Hong Kong and the fall BREXIT of the UK and there’s every reason to point at the “trade war” as being the Biggest and Worst problem afoot in the world right now.  Why, even the Drudge headline about 40-year rates collapsing under 2% support the growing concern.

Unfortunately, it goes deeper than all these.  After we run through some headlines and the morning’s ChartPack, a discussion on the larger context of global war is due.

Yes, there may be something worse than the trade war out ahead of us.

The choices are ignorance, planning, which to us isn’t a choice, at all.

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