Bezos and Bentonville: Barbarians at the Mall

Better not plan your traditional trip to the mall for 2020 Christmas shopping, just yet.

The Mall may not be there.

Global war has broken out in retailing as Amazon and Wal-Mart are taking their “cash registers to the people” and while there may be some economies of scale, the word anti-trust and “mom & pop” keep ringing in my head.

This weekend, a look at the board and how the war is on for your clicks.  Because clicks are a lot cheaper than square footage and parking lots to put in…  This war will not be over next week – these things take time to ripple, but the wave is coming so it’s time to size it up.  If you have a strip mall portfolio, there’s reason to grab the Tums.

First, a few headlines and our charts, which are on the verge of delivering another payday…

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