Beyond ERP: LRP and PRP?

Peace with the Robots?  A Life Resource Planner to better use global resources?  Sounds a bit sci-fi, to be sure, but we may have no choice.

Today on the UrbanSurvival side, I offer a few public comments about the Lifealyzer concept,  That is:  Are we approaching a juncture where governments will need to cede social control to a global Ai platform…and if so, what’s the payoff?  Risks? 

Think of this is a kind of “latter-day virtual Technocracy.”  In other words, since humans are losing control, how do we take existing methods and “best practices” are get ahead of the problem?

Since I’ve been involved in a cyber security project, the need to look-ahead and make conscious decisions about the Man-Machine Coexistence (MMC) question has really solidified.  Especially since my colleagues in the new venture are former ERP colleagues quite expert in their fields.

So “Peace with the Robots?”  Planetary Resource Planner? And how do we migrate that way?  After a few headlines and the ChartPack plus the crash date matrix we’ll lay it out…

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