Beliefs as an Asset

Our usual Peoplenomics fare is a hardnosed look at data involving cyclicity in long-term market directions.  However, have you noticed that the Markets of late look like they may be taking our call of a massive third wave down collapse very much to heart? America is entering a “beliefs and values” crisis.

Today we discuss and odd bit of evidence, from outside the crooked worlds of politics and finance, which puts a new slant on  what’s really going on.  The behind the scene motivator is a huge change in everyday people’s values and beliefs.  When these change, the world changes.

One of our sources is a doctor and hospital administrator who has shared with us some data just collected.  The data is shocking and, frankly, scares the hell out of us.

We will delve into it after headlines and the ChartPack.  Not going to be in the least big “preachy” – but a war on “human spirit” is now seen in data.

What’s worrying? The data is also lining up with long wave cycles here, the Nostradamus work (over on G.A. Stewart’s site), and a few other regional outposts of sanity that remain on the compromised web.

What’s emerging is a world of spiritual warfare, where not only are “nukes in the wings” but my consigliere’s “collapse of NATO around year-end, and Stu’s “Collapse of the House of Seven” analysis have just locked.

Spiritual warfare is in play, now.

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