Before You Write a Thing…

How to become a High Output Production Writer (part 1). While Wednesday Peoplenomics reports are almost entirely income, expense, and getting-ahead oriented, several readers have asked for a “short course on writing.”  We get to be “of a certain age” and the impulse to share with future generations is a natural instinct among “elders.”

We commence that series today because next to a “head for figures” my second-most used skill in 50+ years of business management (and reporting) has been the ability to quickly stitch together what’s in my head and move it from “in there” to “out here” with a minimum of effort.

More than you’d think, there’s a huge physical aspect to it., We begins with preparation, which sounds like index cards and a sharp pencil,  But, preparing to write is much deeper as you’ll discover.

Of course, before we get to the “fun” part, we need to drop down into the Friday market action; more sluggish at the open than expected, but to wash out the weak hands?  Time will tell.

And what morning would be complete without a selection of headlines to worry our little selves silly over?

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