Avoiding “Slogatory” & Why New Cars are Partly “Free”

April 17, 2013 —  I told you last week how retail sales figures showed how  about the only thing holding this economy above collapse has been car sales.   I’ll get out the chart in a sec. to make that point, but there are some  interesting dynamics in play now that are definitely working in Detroit’s (and  Tokyo’s and Seoul’s) favor.  But first, as always, a visit to the morning  headlines along with some coffee and mental vitamins to help jump-start our  mid-week thought processes…Oh!  Almost forgot to mention we will show how  UrbanSurvival readership Fridays may be telling us something about the trading  day to come Monday.  Fell out of some research I’m doing on my new book  (about time) that will be recommended reading before tackling use of our Nostracodeus software…   Oh…and one of our key indicators has just flipped over to “Time to be  short…”

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