“Ancient Children” Previewed

I’m writing another book – a novel this time – and you’ll find the research done for this one very interesting.  You see, it’s a novel about what happens when Anti-Aging medicine really pays off.  How does that friendly government of ours go about rooting out fraud on the one hand while, at the same time, keeping up legit payments on the other.

There is a lot to think about in this book – which is why I have been getting up at 2 AM many days to write.  Today, since it’s the weekend and we try to keep things to the point, just the intro.  Which was an eye-opener to research and write.

Meantime, the gas clock is ticking in eastern Europe and the market has failed to move appreciably above our “line in the sand” indicator.  So big question marks in the charts today, as well…

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