An “Ultimate Defensive Strategy”

There are lots of us – old men of the web who have been writing about pendency of collapse for 20-years (or longer) – and a quiet consensus is beginning to form. It’s not evident unless you either subscribe to a lot of specialist future-oriented publications, or whether (as many newsletter writers do) you simply listen to the tone of inquiries from readers.

This “tone” has turned extremely defensive.  And since Peoplenomics readers know how long we may have before the 1929 replay’s final roll-over, this is a good time to make plans. Just in case.

The global population clock just turned over 7.8 billion people this month.  A sobering number, considering that there are in the USA about 329,877,505  people, plus or minus a Covid outbreak (US Census data, July 2020).

Supporting those millions are 2,043,400 farms (includes ranches) as of 2019.  In fact, there were 2,204,600 farms in 2007 in the U.S. (Peak Farming)  Consolidation, costs, regulations. and an unnatural fascination with tech may have seen Peak Food” pass us by in 2007.

Peak Paper, as the market demonstrated Friday, may still be several weeks ahead.  But the time to plan for massive economic displacements is not during the “bonfire of the equities” but instead while online delivery is still operational.

More such seasonal cheer after a few headlines and our ChartPack.  For which we need a special holiday beverage:  Champagne for the Peak just ahead and Maalox for what likely follows.  ChamLox for breakfast it is, then.

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