An Amazing New Book & The Slow Death of "Prepping"

I’ve got good news for you and I have bad news for you.

The good news?  We may see the slow end of Prepping (at least for a while) because of a curious twistization *(to make up a word) of economic history.  I’ll explain in a moment.

BookCoverThumbnailThe bad news?

My friend Howard Hill’s new book has been released.  And we’ve got permission to share a transcript in which he makes a startling prediction:  Another global financial crisis is coming.  Time to rethink Dodd-Frank.

If these two items aren’t enough to get your attention, along with Russian tanks moving into Ukraine according to reports, along with another bank failure, you might skip Peoplenomics this morning and rush to the obituary section of the local newspaper.

You’ll want to see if you’re listed.  If not, check your pulse.

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