America’s REAL Growth Rate

May 22, 2013 — One of the toughest tasks any investor can undertake is to understand – and  thus be in a position to profit from – any advance or decline in the US  economy.  If you do nothing else as an investor but this one thing, your fortune  is assured.  Get it wrong – more than once – and your Life can hit the skids in  no time.  Humans – couples in particular – don’t do well in the absence of  life’s modern necessities:  Food, shelter, transportation, and a good load of  cash to keep it all working.  So I thought we could spend some time today  looking at how the real growth rate of America is doing.  As we’ll discover,  just finding out how the economy is doing (and how to make a buck on it) isn’t  as easy as it once was.  First, though, we’ll pause for coffee, some headlines  beginning with…

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