America 2021: Stuck in the Middle

Common theme to events: economic this Memorial Day. Doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re talking Covid, Cryptos, equities, bonds, trade, or politics.  We are – as a Nation (or parody thereof) very much stuck.

What’s worse, the countertrend to set us free isn’t working, either. We’ll have a detailed look at the many failures of “woke” in the upcoming Wednesday report.

Today, though?  We’ll keep it short. Because there’s a ton of yard and kitchen work to be done; beers to load in the fridge, and social media posts to make before the “holiday” ends.

Right after a few headlines and our ChartPack.  All while humming Stuck In The Middle With You

Hmm.. “…clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right….”  Sounds remarkably centrist, doesn’t it?

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