Ahead: Reliving the 1930’s (In Advance)

With a mix of terror and remorse, we line up the “history that logically follows” as the markets prepare for collapse.  Just this week, for example the Federal Reserve’s H.6 Money Stocks report owned up to swelling M1 (cash and equivalents) at an annualized rate of 88.5%.

While “doubling the money” (or close enough for home use) can effectively double the bid for stocks, by Friday some rationality appeared.  Like the story on ZeroHedge asking about “The Biggest Disconnect Between Prices And Profits In Stock Market History?

We will mainly focus on stock charts and market tactics today, and for that reason (plus my pillow beckons) we will dispense with the podcast for a week, or two, while pressing matters around here take precedence.  As we “top off” and “stock up” for Lockdown II, the sequel.

Industrial arts to save the day!  Or, have you got a better way to rebuild American Independence on foreign goods?

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