Affording the “Golden Years”

One of the most important topics once you reach the “ripe old age of 50” as many of our readers have. Surprisingly, it’s less a matter of how much money you have.  Really more a matter of managing yourself and expectations.

Today we talk about the Art of Retiring. To where?  While “big city life” may be a constant buzz of “social and cultural” the CV-19 data is making ta strong case that cities may not be the best place to :happily ever-after”  Especially if you’re trying to “get something out of life” beyond a fat paycheck and a commute.

We won’t do too much math, but if you spend 30-minutes each way to work, that’s five-hours a week, or 250-hours per 50-week year.  Over 35-years of working?  218.75 forty-hour work-weeks.  Equivalent to 4.2-YEARS of work.  Just to show up…

Now imagine, if you will, having a commute time of zero…  Maybe we should be thanking CV-19 for reminding us how we’re each guilty of  personal malinvestment of time?

As a warm-up, we’ll serve a string of headlines and a run through the latest virus numbers and outlooks, plus those ADP Job numbers just crossing and how that impacts our ChartPack series including the 1929 replay view.

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