Advice from Captain Gooding

Two parts to this morning’s report.  First, the non-mathematical reason why economic depression is semi-inevitable.  Stay tuned. It follows-on from wild price appreciation coming to virtually everything this fall.

After the “theory class” we hear from a long-time source – who has taken on a new nom de plume (moniker) although at the same rank).  His previous had worn itself out.  We may have to issue a field promotion after his latest effort.

That said, there are – to the good Captain’s eyes – at least 14-ways we can each change our behaviors in really minimalist ways to help save the Tree of Liberty. Chainsaws are warmed up all around it – and even within.

All of which (*no worries here!) are totally legal, peaceable, and downright inexpensive.

A few war-picks from The Daily Warring Form for the period ahead and the ChartPack, of course.

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