Adaptive Lifestyle Planning

Been asked by a new subscriber to explain how Elaine and I came to Texas almost 20-years ago.  Pretty good tale, turns out.  Very Monty Python:  “And now for something completely different…”

After all, why would a couple in their early 50s walk out on five of the hottest cities in the country? Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boca Raton, and Burbank?

It’s a useful story from the investment standpoint, of course.  But more so from the “What do we really stand for?” aspect.  The “How does it grow us the way we’d like to be?”

Turns out, this “adaptive lifestyle” has also become a marvelous  defensive way forward into future, as you’ll figure out as we go.

Would we do things any differently in 2021?  We review some of the long-term data which has, of course, changed a bit over time.  But a lot hasn’t.

Tales to be told after we roll through some headlines. Sucky inflation. And the still bubbly ChartPack. Because some news – like the CPI data just out – does matter.

Although, so does “Flee the City! They’re unaffordable and will eventually collapse under the weight of their own spending!

(Pardon the length of this morning’s discussion…bit long but I hope you’ll pan some nuggets from it.)

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