A Visit to the Woo-Woo Department

While Peoplenomics’ main focus is economics, there’s a secondary focus on “living well.” We reckon part of that to be doing a fair bit of “spiritual work.”   Going into those realms in an unavoidable future problem for everyone.

Today, we will dabble our toes in the waters of a “Grand Unified Theory of Everything” (*GUTE) which, thanks to the Navy anti-gravity patents, has begun to come into view.  It is, though, a bit like “sticky tumblers” in a lock sometimes.

As part of this “Escape Room Earth” approach, we will update you on some of our “light crown” work and walk you through some of our upcoming research plans. More important, though, is the progress of The Chronicle Project which has quietly taken-down its website even as their research continues to fill in more of the past.

After a few headlines and today’s charts, of course.  This is one of those rare reports where rather than focus “on the money you can’t take with you,” we instead focus on where we go next

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