A Time Machine Project Update

A new kind of Grand Unified Theory appears in our meta data work. Our work here at Old Man Labs is loosely based on the idea that there is an acoustical “trap door” to space-time.  In a review of extensive anomaly reports, cross-tabbed to religious traditions, we seem to have uncovered possible “pay dirt.”

Today, we’ll go through things semi-sequentially so you can follow the evolution of this most novel thought.

As you will read, some of the pieces fit so damn well together  that we’re inclined to relabel the work from “crack-pot theory” to “pending experimental confirmation.”

Importantly, this changes our instrumentation plans dramatically…such that we’ve started research on optical scatter, scatterometers and difusion meters.  Because opening what we had considered a “time portal” is not an instantaneous.  In data, such events seem to take a few minutes to measurably begin and longer to become fully manifest.

First, though, work before pleasure (which is what research is, after all!).  A few headlines and trends and a walk-though of how the markets are holding up the weight of the circus tent…and fresh consumer price data just out.

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