A Technology-Based Approach to Scrying Future

No, you can’t buy our DreamTuner system – or download the Dream-Steering app.  Yet.  But this morning we will explain for subscribers how a new combination and some code to link up some off-the-shelf products might allow people to experience mental enhancement.

As you will read, the product will be useable in two modes:  The “Dream-In” mode, where the device will function to keep you from falling asleep in deep meditative states.

In the “Dream-Out” mode, the system may have some “tricks” to keep you in lucid dreams for longer periods of time.

Might it also be used to enhance Remote Viewing?  But of course!

Really a nice wrap up to our earlier reports including the generous contributions of G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation website.  Because his exhaustive knowledge and my own first-hand experience with several actual look-ahead events set me on the trail to find enhancement tools.

Since there’s no DreamTuner and I can’t find a DreamSteering app, guess we will just have to build it.

But first?  Our usual poke at the markets and the ChartPack along with a tear-down of what’s the speech last night.

Coffee up and let’s work on sleep theory, shall we?

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